5G: Driving Innovation — Raj Singh — Marvell

5G: Driving Innovation

5G networks are both an evolution and a revolution when compared to prior generations. 5G enables exciting new use cases, but the leapfrog in performance requires innovation across the entire network. Architecture, hardware platforms, software stacks – the entire ecosystem will have to make changes to enable the 5G network to achieve its full potential. The availability of reliable, performance-proven technology offerings and system-level products that are ready-to-integrate and deploy will ultimately drive the success of 5G. In this brief talk, we will examine some of the ways in which Marvell is enabling the ecosystem by providing 5G deployment-proven semiconductor solutions, RU, DU and CU reference hardware designs and protocol stack software implementations. Also, we will describe how Marvell is working with industry leaders to expedite the availability of open RAN to the market.