Accelerating the Cloud Data Center Evolution — Raghib Hussain — Marvell

Accelerating the Cloud Data Center Evolution

Raghib Hussain | President, Products and Technologies | Marvell Technology
1pm PT | 3pm CT | 4pm ET

Now more than ever, the data that we generate in our daily lives at work, home and on the go is processed, moved, stored and secured in the cloud. As increasing amounts of workloads migrate to the cloud, data centers continue to evolve to address the rising number of customers and sheer volume of data. While each generation of cloud data center architecture has developed to service a specific function, it has also defined new challenges that operators face and made room for technology innovation to help solve them. In this presentation, Raghib Hussain takes a look at the evolution of the cloud data center including the shift from application-specific to data-centric compute. He dives into how scalability, performance and efficiency are driving technology infrastructure requirements and why optimized and customized silicon solutions are the future of the cloud.