Honeywell — Tony Uttley

Creating Quantum’s Dawn of a New Horizon

Tony Uttley | President | Honeywell Quantum Solutions
11:30am PT | 1:30pm CT | 2:30pm ET

Since March of 2020, when Honeywell revealed it developed the world’s most powerful quantum computer, it continued to reach technological and business milestones. The last of which, announced just a week ago, and which had market-shifting ramifications when HQS announced it will separate from Honeywell and form the world’s first premier standalone full-stack quantum company, in a merger with Cambridge Quantum Computing. In this spotlight session, Tony Uttley, President of Honeywell Quantum Solutions joins Daniel Newman to reveal the dynamics that led to this development, and to share the roadmap in the quantum arena, which every technology and business decision maker should take back with them to the boardrooms and strategic planners in their team.