Tim Tully

Senior VP, Chief Technology Officer

Ram Sriharsha

Head of Machine Learning


Over recent years, organizations across industries have either digitized or were founded as digital-native organizations, given them the competitive advantage to make data-driven decisions. As COVID-19 introduced new IT and security challenges, organizations further accelerated their digital transformations, along with their adoption of multi-cloud and hybrid models. Machine learning is the central component to succeeding within these data strategies.

In this discussion, Dan will talk with Splunk CTO and SVP Tim Tully and Splunk Head of Machine Learning Ram Sriharsha about the criticality of machine learning within today’s digitized and cloud-first world. Both to improve resilience against future crises and to excel in a period of accelerated digital transformation, machine learning is the only way organizations can understand and act on the volumes of data we’re taking in, at the speed required to serve customers, outpace competitors, or fulfill their missions.