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Accelerate Innovation and Transformation with Value Stream Management

Serge Lucio | Vice President and General Manager, Agile Operations Division | Broadcom
9:00 am PT | 11:00 am CT | 12:00 pm ET
With today’s economic challenges, companies seek to improve visibility, alignment and efficiency across teams, finances and customer value. Successful digital transformation requires that all teams within an organization operate autonomously enough to respond dynamically to constant change, while still being aligned across broader enterprise goals and value streams. Leaders need complete visibility into how their technology investments generate customer value and teams need to accurately track all facets of the digital value stream—including products, people, and processes—to manage and optimize transformations. During this session, Serge Lucio, the General Manager of the Agile Operations Division at Broadcom, talks about how some of their customers are approaching value stream management, some of the key challenges they’re facing, and solutions for gaining complete visibility into every step of delivering value, from planning and investment to development and rollout.