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Accelerating AI-based Innovation for Cloud-first Companies

Ashmi Chokshi | GM Digital & Application Innovation | Microsoft
9:00 am PT | 11:00 am CT | 12:00 pm ET
Driven by the need to innovate quickly, scale rapidly, and drive differentiated customer experiences, an increasing number of companies are being born in the cloud with businesses that are powered by AI/ML. From early stage startups to unicorns, these cloud-first companies leverage cutting edge technologies to disrupt industries and change the way people live, work, and play. But how can a cloud-first company continue to innovate and differentiate as it navigates its business journey during economic uncertainty? How can it stay ahead of the curve in these times of rapid AI/ML innovation? Whether you are a small startup or a large born-in-the-cloud company, tune in to this session to learn more about how you can partner with Microsoft to win your business, technology, and go-to-market opportunities.