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How Cellular & LPWAN can Combine to Drive the IoT Sector Forward

Tom Mueller | Executive Vice President and General Manager, IoT System Products Group | Semtech
10:30 am PT | 12:30 pm CT | 1:30 pm ET

The power of IoT is limitless and IoT use cases are constantly evolving. IoT’s ability to connect “unattended” things to get data enables new innovative, efficient, and world-saving applications. This fascinating new level of intelligence has a new set of requirements and needs a new level of communication technologies. Tom Mueller, global IoT and sensing thought leader with decades of experience across IoT, edge and cellular networking solutions, will discuss why IoT is falling short on its potential impact – and how the industry can unlock, monetize and harness its power to build a safer, smarter, more sustainable planet.

Because of the size, range and application variance within IoT, there is no one solution that gives us all the tools needed to enable these use cases. The secret to scale lies in the marriage of low power cellular and low power, long range connectivity. By combining the ultra-low power benefits of LoRa® with the higher bandwidth capabilities of cellular, Semtech is delivering a comprehensive, optimized and scalable IoT platform that enables even more IoT use cases, faster adoption, easier integration and a quicker time-to-market.

From water conservation to food waste to prescription medication management to wildfire response, the IoT can help measure, manage and mitigate in real time today for a better tomorrow. The smallest of sensors have the power to inform solutions to the world’s largest of problems. This session will serve as both educational and inspiring for attendees looking to innovate solutions and reimagine industries with IoT and, discover how new network integration (such as LoRa and cellular) and the combination of low- and high-bandwidth channels unlocks opportunity, potential and much-needed scale.