Creating Quantum’s Dawn of a New Horizon

Honeywell — Tony Uttley

  Tony Uttley | President | Honeywell Quantum Solutions 11:30am PT | 1:30pm CT | 2:30pm ET Since March of 2020, when Honeywell revealed it developed the world’s most powerful […]

Industry Trends in Cloud

Industry Trends in Cloud (Thack Brown)

  Thack Brown | Chief Operating Officer | SAP North America 12pm PT | 2pm CT | 3pm ET With the pandemic, many industries were faced with disruption they had […]

Day 1: Live Executive Q&A

Day 1 Live Executive Q&A

  Allison Dew | Chief Marketing Officer and Executive VP | Dell Technologies Erin Chapple | Corporate VP of Product, Azure Core | Microsoft Lisa Spelman | Corporate VP and […]

Building the Future around the Platform

Salesforce — John Taschek

  John Taschek | Senior VP, Market Strategy, Salesforce 8:30am PT | 10:30am CT | 11:30am ET In this spotlight session, Salesforce SVP of Market Strategy John Taschek sits down […]

Rethinking the Customer Relationship

Oracle — Rob Tarkoff

  Rob Tarkoff | Executive VP and GM, Advertising and CX, Oracle 9:00am PT | 11:00am CT | 12:00pm ET One of the characteristics of the changing digital landscape is […]

The Hybrid Normal That’s Upon Us

The Hybrid Normal That's Upon Us (Dave Shull)

  Dave Shull | President & CEO, Poly 10:30am PT | 12:30pm CT | 1:30pm ET In this thought leadership discussion session, Dave Shull, the new President and CEO of […]

Day 2: Live Executive Q&A

Day 2 Live Executive Q&A — Nate Skinner, Alysa Taylor, James Watters

  Nate Skinner | Global Senior VP of Marketing, Advertising & CX | Oracle Alysa Taylor | Corporate VP, Microsoft Business Applications, Data & AI, and Global Industry | Microsoft […]