2023-06-06 12:30:00 2023-06-06 13:00:00 America/Los_Angeles Qualcomm Leading the New Era of On-device Generative AI https://thesixfivesummit.com/sessions/qualcomm-leading-the-new-era-of-on-device-generative-ai/ The Six Five Summit

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Qualcomm Leading the New Era of On-device Generative AI

Ziad Asghar | SVP Product Management and Head of AI | Qualcomm
12:30 pm PT | 2:30 pm CT | 3:30 pm ET

As generative AI adoption grows at record-setting speeds and computing demands increase, hybrid processing is more important than ever. But just like traditional computing evolved from mainframes and thin clients to today’s mix of cloud and edge devices, AI processing must be distributed between the cloud and devices for AI to scale and reach its full potential. In this talk, you’ll learn:

  • Why on-device AI is key
  • Which generative AI models can run on device
  • Why the future of AI is hybrid
  • Qualcomm Technologies’ role in making hybrid AI a reality
  • Our leading AI software, Qualcomm AI Stack is the key to unlock on-device AI