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The Journey to Democratizing Networking

Ram Velaga | Senior Vice President and General Manager, Core Switching Group | Broadcom
8:30 am PT | 10:30 am CT | 11:30 am ET
Ten years ago, Cloud Providers came to Broadcom and told us that networking is in their way of building large data centers. Broadcom relentlessly focused on predictable execution to help simplify networking systems, simplify software that runs on these systems and simplify the networks themselves. This journey of Democratizing Networking that started with the Cloud providers has now moved to the service providers and enterprises with a broad ecosystem serving this customer base. A decade later, with the rise of Generative AI and LLM’s, the workloads in data centers are changing and networking is once again a bottleneck. At Broadcom we are once again innovating based on open standards to help build scalable, resilient and sustainable solutions to address the networking needs for this emerging world of AI.