Michael Rubin

Michael Rubin, Dreamium Labs

Mike is a visionary leader with a passionate focus on innovation and execution. His background includes instrumental roles leading to exits at Compaq (HP), AltaVista (Yahoo), Shopping.com (Ebay) and Broadcom that helped to shape the previous two major compute eras, the PC Era and the Internet Era.

For the last nine years he has been focused on the enabling technologies of Web 3.0 and interactive 3D SSI, founding Dreamium Labs in support of his vision for an open Metaverse Era.

He’s led breakthrough product introductions and market shaping initiatives such as affordable color scanners, PC market segmentation, multimedia PCs, advanced 3D graphics engines, digitally connected device infrastructure, internet search advertising, e-commerce, DRM for digital media, wireless streaming, productizing EVs, and green Bitcoin mining rigs.

He’s a strong believer in the power of highly diverse teams aligned behind an aspirational purpose. He recently led a company in crisis to its first “Best Places to Work” award while delivering record growth and profitability. Success starts with a culture of respect, teamwork, and relentless focus on customer delight which he’s embedded in shaping the culture of Dreamium Labs.